Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gratitude ~ Day 26 Just Today

Just some irreplaceable things that occurred to me today that I should be grateful for:

I have family and friends. They may not be nearby and they may not even be talking to me but I have them and they have me and no matter what, I am not alone.

I can read. I may not always read to learn but I read fiction for the fun of it and humor for the laughs, and I can read to my children. Nothing beats the smile on their faces when I read a book well.

I can relate. I am aware. I empathize. I observe. I interact. I accept. I care.

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Becca said...

Yes, I'm reading. Thank you for sharing your gratitude with me.

This one especially means something to me.

In this long month, of endless work and stress, I've often felt overwhelmed with all there is to do, all that is yet to come, and the lack of time for those that I love. The end is in sight... and knowing you are there waiting for me is a true blessing.