Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beginner's Jazz Dance Winter '09

Rhetta was in Beginner's Jazz Dance this semester. She didn't seem to want to go at all most times and I was afraid this was the end of her dance career, although I knew it brought her such joy when she wanted it to. 

Tonight was her recital. She was so excited when I told her Friday night that she went straight to bed and woke up the next morning insisting it was Sunday. She was ready this morning 5 hours early.

She had to wear make-up all over her face which I did not know beforehand so she did not know beforehand. Never had anything on her face. I was sure this would be a sensory issue.

So far, so good!

Got a little itchy after an hour waiting for their turn.

Willon being so cute in his seat after running Rob around nearly the entire show through intermission and another two classes before Rhetta came on. He hides his guilt well, don't you think?

You can pretend you know which one is her if you want to, it's okay. If you look closely in the video, though, she is the one with her hair in her face. Seated at first on the floor in the group on the left. She is foremost on the right of that bunch in a lavender kimono. When they hop up and move across the stage in a line she is out front. (No matter where she started in practice she would jet to the front so they seated her so she could be in front.) That however put her in the back row all the way to the right for the remainder of the routine. She did surprisingly well! Much better than she demonstrated in class. More proof that when other people think she's not paying any attention they just don't know her very well.

Okay, I guess you gotta squint and probably just had to be there, but here it is:

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*Jess* said...

they all did such a great job! I think I spotted her in purple on the right!!