Saturday, September 15, 2012


...or The One Time I didn't Answer Her Question Myself

Preface: We attended a wedding reception/party. The hosts were kind enough to accept that we brought our kids and that they were the only kids there. Sometime during the course of this soirée the hostess revealed a hidden toy room under the stairs.

I'm not kidding! A hidden room! They were enchanted.

This house... the house was immaculate, we were all partying (except Rob, he was our DD) and my children were occupied. It was very surreal.

They played with every toy in that nook. When I got there they had played out the gheegah (or "gheedunk") and turned to the shelves that were actually the door.

I have no idea if it was OK for them to play with the matryoshkas but it seemed like that's what they were for. Dunno. All I know is for once I did not answer Rhetta's question.

It was like I wasn't even there.

Rhetta saw me but went right to playing anyway.


R: Now look who's here.
R: What's this magical bookcase for?

W: I don't know! Probably... something big. This is toys.

R: Are these toys?

W: Mhmm. These are tons of toys.

R: (Whispers as the larger matryoshka) Quick! Get inside me!

Then they comtinue, if you have been observing closely, to play with their individual matryoshkas in totally different ways. Rhetta finishes one, notices I exist, and the moment is over.

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Grampa says, Really great, thanj you for sharing.