Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Days Autumn 2012

Follow this link for the whole set, the whole run, and fun comments. Flickr Set

7 Days is a photo project wherein members take a self portrait for 7 days every change of the season. Here are mine for this season.

Day 1 - Feelin' Good

Celebrating the equinox among the oaks and quakies.


Day 2 - View From the Hammock Chair (Stripes)

Loose interpretation of the theme, the headboard looks stripey.

Lots of changes in the back yard this last year. Relocated the clothesline, started raised beds, apricot and peach tree gone - dead from bores, new rosebush, reconditioning soil in rock planter, and a new lavender plant blooming a second time this season. The garden "bed" is to be 90% garlic this fall. It is neatly composted and ready for planting immédiatement.


Day 3 - Trifocals

Trying hard to get used to these suckers.


Day 4 - Cleaning

Meh. It was time.


Day 5 - Spots

Got rained out at the farmers market. We all bailed by about 10am. Oh well. Rain and wind in the desert results in dirty spots all over your vehicles. How charming, huh? Here I am among the grit. Lovely, I know.


Day 6 - For realz

This whole week I have spent recovering from surgery. I almost skipped 7 Days because lately I have just not been up to it. Some days are good photo days, others are not. I have had a lot of "not" in the last year. Today I thought I would get serious and dust off the tripod.

Top left: Sunrise over Confluence Lake. This is a rehabilitated area in my town. It used to be a huge sugar beet processing area and waste water treatment ponds. Ew. Now it is a recreational site that offers 2.5 miles of trails along the rivers to and around the confluence of said rivers, fishing, outdoor picnicking/bbq-ing, wedding gazebo, horse trails, a newly designed and constructed fenced dog park, and playgrounds, etc. It's just a lovely spot no matter what time of day or activity. Fun fact: Elaine and Anya have been there.

Top right: More fall color. Bonnie, I swear I am not rubbing it in but I am showing it off. This the Grand Mesa, one of our many mountains. It is a high mesa with peaks that reach 11K+ and is remarkably shaped like a giant capital Y with the bottom of the Y pointing east. This south face boasts only a 1/4 of the overall fall color this mountain displays. And this shot? Is only about 1/4 of the south face. Wow.

Bottom left: Pumpkin spice latte. 'Nough said.

Bottom right: My hubby is up at 3:30 a.m. every morning. My kids and I are up and out the door by 7:30 a.m. every morning. The ENTIRE TOWN is out and about at least by 8 a.m. going to work or dropping kids off at school. WHY then, does my favorite store not open until 9?? It is simply bad business. I'd even help sweep the sidewalk if they'd just open the doors at 8 instead.


Day 7 - Cathedral

I have wanted to share my cathedral with 7 Days for a long time. The cottonwoods in the back yard form the shape of a cathedral window. I find sanctuary in my yard, so it's fitting. I also shot a Sounds of the Neighborhood video but the format isn't accepted on Flickr. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to snip, convert and otherwise make it acceptable to no avail. I are not that smart. So it's on YouTube. (Link below)

Loved this run, so very much. Thank you.


If you watch: You are hearing Friday morning state highway noise, and chickens. I was feeding the ladies. We live across the river from town so are buffered somewhat from the view, but the highway is loud. Too bad a train wasn't going through. That would have been the pièce de résistance.

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