Monday, March 19, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Lola has been with us since Nov. 2009 (sadly, our other adopt at that time didn't come home one night about a year later). She (Lola) was quite young, small and bony when we got her. She is now over 4 years old and getting some gray furs. She gained lots of weight and strength when we put her on rice-based cat food (Purina One). Yes, we have a gluten-free cat. She is also an expert rodent control engineer, something which also contributes to her excellent health. I have seen her with mice, birds, and even a chipmunk; she doesn't leave much behind. She is a solid companion, preferring to snuggle close to your face, and loves a good, long skritch or a warm patch of sunshine. Here she is in one of my studio windows.


Rocky is almost 6 months old now and growing fast. He outweighs his sister by more than a pound. He loves to attack, well, anything and anyone. He's also an attention hound. His purr sounds like a diesel engine. We can hear him from across the room and think he must be under our feet. He is curious to go outside but he'll have to wait until his April *ahem* surgery. He has a cute little voice, too. Still very kitten-like. If he can't find his sissy he'll mew for her no matter what time of day. They have a "witching hour" around midnight wherein they perk up and tear through the house chasing each other at top speed. Willon managed to get scratched on his face while sleeping during one of their romps. They are now banned from the kids' rooms at night. Hopefully they will grow out of this and we can open the rooms back up to them. Here he is in another one of my studio windows.


Dazzle is Rocky's little sister, and by little sister I mean she is tiny compared to him. She is lithe and dainty, suspicious and stealthy. She is a shadow. We walk around the house and she will follow at our heels without us ever knowing until we stop and back up without warning and step on her by accident. She loves to nap on the little blankie that came with her from the kitty foster home. I have never washed it because I wouldn't want to ruin that for her. She will go into my studio if I leave the (half dutch) door open but doesn't yet jump like the other cats. Her eyes are huge and you'd swear she never blinks. Always watching. She is the most gorgeous black color but if you look closely she has stripes underneath. Doesn't she look like Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon?


Clever Girl

After showering last night and before bed Rhetta put on clean clothes.

This morning she was told by her dad (who wasn't home last night), "You have to put on clothes for today. You still have on yesterday's clothes."

To which she said, "These are today's clothes. Yesterday you notice I put on tomorrow's clothes."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Silly Mode

Driving to the park yesterday Rhetta out of the blue says:

"Night is a time. HA HA HA! I said it with a K! HA HA HA HA HA!"

Us: HA HA HA HA HA! (she was quite proud of herself)

Not to be outdone Willon says it is his turn to make up a funny joke.

*think *think *think *think *think

"Horkes live in a barn. Bahahahaha! I said it with a K! Bahahahaha!"

Us: *blink *blink *blink.... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Maybe you had to be there.