Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

We went on a "hiking expedition" (Rhetta) after our meal today. I spent the time reflecting on what I am thankful for this year. Not surprisingly I am thankful for all the same things this year as I was thankful for last year. I'm really a very fortunate human being. The harder life gets, the more I find to appreciate. The more I learn to appreciate, the easier life gets. It's simple, really. Don't take a single thing, not even the mundane, for granted. We spend so much energy wishing and praying for more that we become blind to that which we already have. Well, not I. I am blessed, and I couldn't ask for a better life.







p.s. Dear Cameron, I love you.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude 2012: The Snark Edition

Thank you Facebook friend (singular) who posted her gratitude every single day this month. You made the rest of us look ungrateful, disorganized, lazy and unimaginative. Go you.

Thank you Republicans for lowering the bar so far I can simply step over it. Oh wait, I think I mean Walmart.

Thank you Jenny McCarthy for making Autism all about boobs.

Thank you Inlaws for driving across the country and back then sending a map of your trip to my son who immediately noticed that you drove right by Colorado without stopping to meet him. You're my heroes.

Thank you Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Ann Coulter for being fodder for my and my husband's jokes. We're not sure who to make fun of now that you are obsolete.

Thank you Yahoo! headlines for keeping me abreast of the Robertson/Stewart affair. It means so much to me I think I might puke.

Thank you Global Warming for continuing your natural trend making humans think they are even MORE significant than ever.

Thank you Network News for joining the world of fiction. I no longer enjoy fiction. Maybe you should stick to porn.

Thank you State of Colorado for legalizing marijuana!! Now all those stoners can be released and add to the unemployment statistics since they can't go back to selling enough to legally make a living yet.

Thank you Pinterest for the literally DAYS of wasted time pinning things I will never ever look at again thus enabling my obsession with collecting things that have now collected a fine layer of cyberdust.

Thank you Couch Parents for solidifying my resolve to Attachment Parent. You not only make yourselves look bad, but your children are brats. Congratulations!

Thank you Cable TV for introducing the world to yet lower and lower forms of life, and by lower forms of life I mean June Boo Boo.

Thank you to all the narrow minded people out there who think they are so worldly although have no grasp on their own reality much less mine or anyone else's yet feel so powerful and smart voting for issues that effect millions of people they know nothing about! Your brains squeak when the wind blows. SQUEAK!

And least but not last [sic], thank you religious zealots for the hypocrisy. Without you I would not have this constant muscle ache from shaking my head all the time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lucky Woman

I took

a nap



the hammock chair


the sunshine

with a beer

and I didn't feel guilty


it was

a real nap

like a cat

only with a beer.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Yard Lion Mouser Extraordinaire

Our chicken feed storage has mice - they live inside a bag of potting soil. They made a hole in the bag that goes directly into the bag next to it of corn for the hens. How convenient for them, I must say.

I do not want mice. This is why we have cats.

Once Rocky was allowed inside the little house where we store the feed he has not scarcely wanted to leave it. He has been catching so many micce he doesn't even eat them all anymore. He plays with them instead. He rolls around with them, purring with happiness. He lets them go, chases them, catches them, carts them around; in the feed shed, in the back yard, in the grass, and yesterday he got a little over zealous and ran one right into the house.

I almost feel sorry for the mousey. Only almost.