Monday, December 22, 2008

The Very Hungry Caterpiller, by Willon

He says, "On Saturday, quoquit cake, eye kweem cone, pickle, slice-a cheese, 'lami, lo'lamipop, churry pie, one shawshidge, one cupcape, one watermelon, kumickache, kumickache - oooh, oooh (full tummy noises)."

Loose tooth

Rhetta is about to lose a top front tooth. She is wiggling it relentlessly with her tongue. All morning she's come to me and asked me to pull on it. It is almost ready but is being stubborn, just like her! I pulled until it made a cracking noise and she said it hurt. Then I smelled blood and got a little oogy. She was acting all goofy, though, so I took out the camera and we shot this video: