Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quickest Rescue Service Ever

Rob went to Safeway this morning to get me some apple boxes (I am forever in need of apple boxes) and took Willon with him.

Something the boy loves to do is "chuff" like a steam engine while walking along cement curbs. They're his train tracks. We couple up and chuff together, run out of coal or water, fuel each other up, he changes the points to switch tracks; all the fun stuff. He loves it.

He was chuffing with Daddy today when he fell off the curb and landed on his hands and chest. He had a little bit of superficial road rash on his hands, I guess, but nothing real serious. He was pretty upset, though, and cried for a bit. He told Daddy that he was hurt and he needed "a am-buh-lance!"

That very second one of our county's ambulance/rescue vehicles pulled up next to them just as if by magic. They were really just there to get coffee but you know they were so cool they talked to him, examined his hands, told him he'd be just fine, and gave him a sticker.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010


Here is Silvermist flying gracefully.


And here is my ghost saying Booooooooooo! (the chain rattled, it was simply perfect)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crazy Hat Day

Some fool decided Halloween was a religious holiday so most kids can't wear costumes to school anymore. At Willon's Head Start class they had a Crazy Hat Day instead. We have a whole collection of fun hats so we took the whole box. Turned out to be the right thing to do because half the kids forgot their own. Yeah, I'm the cool mom. There are cooler, though, because if look closely you can see a couple with homemade hats that are outrageous! If you look closer still you'll see a K. Moon-made hat that looks like a pumpkin. She made that for Rhetta about 5 *sniff* years ago while sitting on my sofa nursing a newborn.

Here's the boy in his fireman's hat. He loved telling everyone, "This is to protect my eyes from getting burned when there's a building on fire and I have to put it out with water!"


For once it was not my kid picking his nose. There's always one, though, isn't there?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Fall Color

Scrub Oak with lichen on interpretive trail behind the Anasazi Heritage Center, Dolores, CO.


Oak leaves dappled with rain, same trail.


Trail near Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde Nat'l Park.


Cliff House, Mesa Verde Nat'l Park.


Butte, Mesa Verde Nat'l Park.


Picnic stop, Unaweep Canyon near Gateway, CO.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do You Want to Have a Picnic With Me?

"Sure, sweetheart!" I said, beaming. "What are we having?"

"Water!" he says, "and my cards, and my trucks, and machINES... and Scrambler. And an umbrella to keep me snug and warm. This card says 18. That means I'm the 18th!"


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Double Rainbow Sunrise

I have seen many double rainbows in my life. Dozens. This was my first double rainbow at sunrise. While I didn't carry on like this guy I still got that great happiness that rainbows bring.


(This is my lame attempt at a panoramic picture but you get the idea.)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thomas Party

Willon completed his potty learning! He received a small reward for each time he peed in the potty (nu-nu) and a big reward for each time he poo'ed in the potty (a new Thomas the Tank Engine DVD). He wore his last diaper on August 27th, 2010 - doesn't even wear them at night.

He started earning movies right away - limit one per day - and although he had a few accidents had earned all ten DVDs by the end of 12 days. Once he had earned all the movies I told him he could have a Thomas party to celebrate his pottying achievements.

We invited our friends, had Thomas plates and cups, and I made him a Thomas themed cake topped with 10 candles and some new Tag-A-Long characters he didn't already have. Grandma sent 10 new pairs of Thomas briefs to make the occasion complete.

Everyone congratulated him, ate cake, then took out the tracks and trains and played. :D