Thursday, November 26, 2009


We adopted two female kitty cats from our friends at C.R.O.W. Cat Rescue.

I have not be able to snap their pictures yet as they are timid and only come out of the basement in the dark.

Here are the kids looking through the new hole in the basement door very excitedly calling their names. They were at it so long they nearly fell asleep right there.


This is Lola. (photo courtesy of C.R.O.W.) She has been through a lot but is a very friendly, loving cat. She comes to me in the evenings and has sat still and let the kids pet her albeit very close to the hole. She likes to hide under the beds, too.


This is Kit Kat (photo also courtesy of C.R.O.W.) who literally disappeared into the floorboards above the cistern in the basement and was not seen by any of us for 24 hours. We were warned it might be longer. One of the kids swore they saw her but I didn't see her until early this morning, in the dark, in our bed, licking my hand.


Rhetta has been talking to Lola and Kit Kat non-stop since the ride home Tuesday night. She has always been skittish and afraid of animals, cats included, despite exposure. Yet since bringing these two home she has immersed herself in cat things. She has had her cat costume on for 24 hours.

Sleeping cat...


She even told Rob this morning, "I want to learn about cats." - that's a LOT of words for Rhetta - and they went to her computer and looked up a bunch of stuff about cats, played cat games, learned cat facts, and she has been eating dry cereal out of her bowl just like a cat. Oh, and drawing cats.


She's just too cute.

Smiling cat...



ana said...

you've got yourself 3 cute little kitties there ;)

Nicole said...

Love the Rhetta cat. :) And her drawing is amazing!

Lisa Najarian said...

That is one sweet cat costume. I want one so we can match. Lola looks just like my cat Chicken

Tara Benwell said...

This is such a sweet story. I love how children get so immersed in a new subject or interest like this. My six year old is going through an earring phase. She wrote an email to all aunties calling for them to clear out their jewelry boxes. She started an earring store. She made an earring board game. We can learn a lot from these kids.