Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Was Out of Ideas

Pressed for time tonight I looked around my food cupboards and was greatly discouraged by what I found, which was not much. There's plenty of the usual but I am so tired of the usual. I very nearly stuffed a frozen pizza in the oven and called it good.

Instead, I got busy. I cooked up a bunch of chick peas in the pressure cooker. While that was going - dude, they take an hour at this elevation - I started rummaging for things to dip in what would eventually be homemade hummus.

I found organic carrots, a green bell pepper, GF pretzels, celery, rice crackers, sharp cheddar, gala apples, asiago cheddar sourdough bread sticks (from Target), and for no other reason except that it needed to be cooked soon, bacon (man, did THAT turn out to be a good idea).

Voilá! A meal fit for a queen and her family.



ana @ i made it so said...

dreamy pyrexy sigh :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a cook like you.

mama said...