Friday, April 22, 2011

3rd Quarter ABC Student Award!

That's my girl!

Every quarter the teachers select a boy and a girl from their class to win the ABC Award. The school called me a couple of days ago to give me the heads up, although they didn't tell me what the award was for. Just that we might want to come to the assembly to see her receive it.

I purposely did not mention it to Rhetta.

I caught her reaction when they called her name. She looks surprised and delighted. She's just about to jump to her feet, and I heard her squeal EEE!


Coincidentally the boy her teacher picked happens to also be the boy she wants to marry. (hee ♥) The hand mime is a fairy - pinky and ring man are the feet, pointer is the head, and thumb and tall man are the wings. She still looks delighted. Those cheeks!

As an aside, someone once said our area wasn't ethnically diverse enough for her. Take one look at my kid's schoolmates and you'll see how ethnically diverse it is around here. ♥

She leaned over to look the boy in the face and asked, "Am I an ABC student?! *big grin*" adn he smiled and nodded yes. So happy.


My proud (and maybe a little tired) girl.



tina said...

How awesome! What a wonderful day. Congratulations, Rhetta!!! :)

Devon said...

Way to go! Your the best! Sweet Rhetta. ABC awards let's see it must stand for amazing,beautiful and cortical academia talents.

*Jess* said...

I'm so proud of you Rhetta!!!

grandma said...

What a doll! Good job Rhetta!! Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

How cool! Good Job, Rhetta. Love always, grandpa.