Monday, April 4, 2011


At first it kinda looks like that memory game where you look at the stuff for one minute them they take it away and you try to list everything you saw from memory. Go ahead and try it. It's not that easy!

What is all this stuff anyway? It's the flotsam from our washing machine. Every other load or so I find something in the bottom of the washing machine, sound familiar? It's usually loose change or hankies, sometimes a stray dryer sheet (don't ask 'cause I do not have a dryer).

So, it accumulates. I fish it out of the machine and toss it on the little windowsill above the washer. Apparently I've been doing it for some time without giving it a second thought. Seriously, dental floss?


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ana said...

hah! i do the same. i have a little basket that until recently was brimming with little bits from around the home. i pocket the change (my measly tip for doing laundry), and return the toys and things to their rightful owner.