Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 2nd Grade Pioneer Presentation

Rhetta's 2nd grade class and the other three classes held their annual Pioneer Presentation today. They danced and sang songs. It was very cute.

Unfortunately, it was too loud for Sis and holding it in the gymnasium didn't help that much. This is how she looked during most of the songs. Of course, if she is at all like me and her dad she just can't stand the off-key noise on top of the volume.


You'll see in this first video of the very first song that she attempted to sing.

You'll see in this second video just how wonderfully individual she can be. God, I love this girl. She made the pantomime up herself.

Please excuse all the camera motion. Someone who shall remain 4 years old wouldn't stop jostling me. LOL

Also, I wish I could have captured her face when they were dancing. She was definitely having a great time!

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