Thursday, July 5, 2012

Colorado Rocky Mountain Ski-ies

Get it? It's a play on the John Denver song. Funny, right? Oh well, ANYway...

It rained! Ten long months without any precipitation in my town, but the heatwave broke and the skies opened up and what a show it was. Too bad I wasn't home to dance in it. Here are some shots from the county line however.

Looking up Kannah Creek.


Sunset over the Colorado Monument.


Most awesome sky full of clouds.


This bank of white clouds that look like mountains were what was left of the storm over Delta.


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Christi Jones said...

I had no idea how much I've been missing rain, it was amazing - I made my kids turn off the tv and go out to play in it... of course you know which child appreciated it more. I can't stop looking out my window and feeling genuine joy for my plants.
see you soon