Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Clever Boy

Willon and I spent some quality time in the back yard this morning while Rhetta slept in a little. We looked at everything blooming and inspected all the different vegetables. We ate ripe yellow cherry tomatoes and squished some squash bugs. We took the compost to the chickens and he fed them some cracked corn. The yard is so enchanting in the early sunlight after a rain.

Nothing is more enchanting however than a cute, clever little boy.

Willon came across a dry spot in the wood chips. He stood inside it and postulated thusly (Cross my heart, I just stood there listening):

"Look, Momma! A dry spot? How did it get here (looking around for a possible source)? Hmm... maybe it was an umbrella." He punctuated this with raised eyebrows.

He then looked down and proceeded to turn in place, inspecting it all the way around, and around, and around, and around, and around. Not finding an answer that way he then looked up into the sky thoughtfully.

"Maybe," he said "the sun was shining right here. Just right here." All the while studying the sky, then the spot, then the sky, then the spot.

Now looking intently at the spot he reckoned, "Look... it's roooooound on this part and straaaaaaight on this part just like... (thinking, thinking)... a wheelbarrow. Maybe it was the wheelbarrow!"

Then he said with much conviction, "Yeah. It was the wheelbarrow."


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*Jess* said...

I could see him becoming a detective in the future :)