Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kid Convo's

Rhetta, playing with her new Garden Fairy friend, Lily (played by her hand):

Daddy: Do you want to plant a garden this spring, and Lily can help it grow?
Rhetta: Yes.
Daddy: Would you like to grow flowers or vegetables?
Rhetta: Fruits, um vegetables. Are carrots a plant that grows from the ground?
Daddy: Yes, we'll look through the seed catalog and pick some things for you to grow.
Rhetta: I want that.


Cameron found a hidey spot under Willon's bed:

Willon (snuggled down in his blankets): I love you, Daddy.
Daddy: I love you, too.
Willon: I love you, Cameron.
Cameron (head pops out from under bed): I love you too, Bud.
Willon: I love you too, Rhetta. (Rhetta's asleep)
Willon (grabbing Daddy's hand): I love Momma, too.
Daddy: Momma loves you, too.
Willon (waving his hand in big circles): I love alllll you guys, especially Cameron.
Willon gives Cameron his momma-made numbers blanket: Here you go Cameron. We always share with our friends.
Willon asks Cameron: Will you sleep next to me?


Willon in my lap:

Me: I hope I never forget what it's like to cuddle you.
Willon: I hope I don't either.

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