Wednesday, January 20, 2010

School Bus

She was ready. Rhetta is now riding the little bus. She wasn't so giddy that she couldn't sleep I think because she has been on many buses for field trips. Her goofy grin was everpresent however for the entire ride. I rode with her to school and Rob rode with her home. Today she'll ride home by herself for the first time and I'm more than alittle nervous. In fact I think I might throw up. She's in good hands, though. She has an angel of a bus driver and another who rides with them and helps. So, there you have it. One more step toward independence. I cried. Need you ask?



Here it comes!




Her return!


She was in the house and devouring her snack before I could blink. My big girl!


tina said...

Yay!!!! It will get easier, Corey!

MaWhit said...

Congrats, Rhetta!

Becca said...

Yay Rhetta! Was the rest of the week just as good?