Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three Firsts for Sis

Today, Rhetta...

... had an unsolicited opinion about what clothes she wore.

... adjusted the buckle on her seatbelt so she could click in with no help whatsoever. Yay for motor skills achievements!

... nodded her head yes. Really, first time ever. It is not something that comes naturally to her. I hope she doesn't hurt her neck muscles practicing. LOL


*Jess* said...

Yay for Rhetta!!

LOL about the head nodding! Jayce, too, has a really hard time doing this. He LOVES to watch other people nod, and he thinks that even though you are saying yes with your mouth, you need to nod, too. So he'll ask you to do it.

Then he'll respond to something by saying yes... wait a minute, and then nod. Then realize he likes nodding, so he'll just keep doing it. And then he'll shake his head no just to practice. He especially likes to watch his shadow do all this!

MaWhit said...