Saturday, September 12, 2009

School Carnival 2009

Rhetta's school has a back-to-school carnival fundraiser every year. This was our second year going. It consists of buying tickets to redeem at various tables to play games, have your face painted,

get cotton candy (Willon's first ever), 

do a cake walk (which we skipped), bounce in a jumpy thing, 

plus there's a BBQ. We had a very nice time.  We got to sit and eat with her SPED teacher who always has an involved conversation with Willon, (that's a Panther Paw on his cheek) 


and just generally had a good time visiting with friends. 

Two things I loved: Rhetta saying hi to her classmates from last year that are not in her class this year, and Willon, when asked who painted his face said, "Mr. The Eyeball" (Mrs. Theobald) Hee!

Oh! and every year they dunk the principal into a tank of water! He's a really good sport.

An added bonus. I flashed Rob.

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*Jess* said...

Fun! Jaina and Jayce's schools will have theirs in the Spring :)