Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rhetta doesn't call me Momma anymore

She calls us Corey and Rob now. I sincerely hope it isn't permanant. Most things in life aren't but with Rhetta you never know.

She has imaginary friends and sometimes goes by different names. When she is upset she'll jump up, say "Buzz will be right back!" and run off fussing to a remote part of the house. She'll take a few minutes to calm down, then come back, "Buzz is back!" and she'll seem like she got it out of her system.

Sometimes she'll call me Corey and I'll respond and call her Daughter. Her reaction is a very terse no. She'll repeat herself then as if to emphasize the first name theme, as in, get a clue and call me Rhetta because I am calling you Corey and that's just that.

It's a fun age, 5, almost 6 now. She has decided on some very concrete rolls for the people in her life and is not accepting that we can have more than the role she has assigned to us. I do momma things and her teacher does teacher things and never the twain shall meet. I am sneaky though. I am disquising teacher things in and amongst my momma things and she is learning despite herself. Daddy does daddy things and she seems fine with those. Then again she is taking on some of those momma and daddy roles herself further confusing her own role as big sister.

We're working on it. Just like everything else. Still, I miss being called Momma

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