Monday, November 3, 2008

I am so excited

This is the first election I've paid very much attention to. I admit, I paid somewhat close attention in 2000, the year Dan Rather lost his mind, mainly because he was too freakin' funny. This time I am so full of anticipation I am a nervous wreck. I really shouldn't even drive. I'm surprised my hair isn't falling out. I have been distracting myself with teen fiction. Unfortunately it turned out to be rather lame, in my opinion - too much murmuring, not enough substance - and it was not sufficient enough to distract me.

So go vote if you have not already. I'm not sure how I will survive without constant election coverage tomorrow. It'll be the one day this last 8 years I wish I had TV reception.


1 comment:

earthmama said...

i'm going to a friend's house tomorrow night just so i can watch their election coverage...

but i've learned the internet can be just as good as television.