Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rhetta's Birth Story

I can hear your thoughts, honey, and I understand. It's nice and warm and safe in there but we're at week 41 and they want you out of there...

We were living with my IL's in Morro Bay, CA. I invited my mother to be there during the week I knew we'd induce so she'd be able to be a part of it. I was very emotional and couldn't stop the sobbing fits but I made it through somehow. I asked both my mom and my MIL if they wanted to be there for the actual birth and they both said yes.

7am on the 24th of January, 2003 we walked into the maternity ward at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, CA. The nurses were so nice they made me cry with joy. My morning nurse braided my hair and made sure I was comfortable. I was feeling very confident and strong. My OB came around 8am and broke my water. I asked for no meds and no moniters (those things they actually stick in the baby's head). They were all for letting me make these decisions. I didn't have a plan before hand really, just was gonna go with the...

FLOOOOOOOO-WOW! Contractions started almost immediately...

I don't remember much of my labor. I must be blocking it out. It was very intense. I had brought my own pillow and would bite into it when the pain was unbearable. Rob was very little help - lol - but I don't blame him. He was more scared than anything.

My afternoon nurse was very wonderful. She massaged my back and made sure I had enough of everything I needed. I spent as much time on my feet as possible because it seemed to stop the spasms in my back muscles better than anything else. I absolutely could not lay down so when I did get tired of standing I would kneel down on the floor and rest my head in Rob's lap.

My breathing exercises were a waste of time. I couldn't catch my breath during a contraction. I cried a lot...

14 hours later I was dialated to ten and waiting for my OB to come from another hospital birth at an entirely different hospital. By this time I was singing my way through the contractions and my mom was gently rubbing my feet. Rob held my hand but I think he needed that more than I did. I had witnessed numerous births. He had never even seen a kitten born.

In came my OB (the nicest one in my life by far) and she said something like,"Blah, blah, blah, blaaaaaahhhh, blah, blah" and I said, "UUUUUngh!" and about 10 seconds later I could see Rhetta's head! One long push later and out came her shoulders. One very quick push and out came her legs and she was in my arms before I could take another breath. She was very quiet but she opened her eyes and looked around. I kissed her and named her and then they cleaned her up for me. She was always within my reach - I liked that. They measured her and weighed her, 7lbs/15oz and 22 1/2 inches long! My mom managed to keep the scribbled notes the nurses made on a paper towel and I have that in her memory box. I impatiently pushed the placenta out - like a pro according to my OB - LOL! Then they gave her back to me and we started down that long road of life together.

Rob held her while they moved me to a pretty room all to ourselves. MIL ran down to the car and woke up FIL who came up and was the first of them to hold her. He was crying and afraid he might drop her so he handed her off to my mom who was blubbering about her baby having a baby (hee hee) and then to MIL and then to my breast she went.

She has been there ever since.

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