Thursday, October 25, 2012

Willon's First Field Trip

Forty miles upriver are two farms among many that welcomed our school's kindergarten classes today to teach them about sustainable living.

Rain Crow Farm in Paonia, rain crow is the folklore name for the yellow-billed cuckoo - bet you didn't know that, hosted them for education in: raising and milking goats, hothouse farming, root crops and irrigation.

The Austin Family farm in Hotchkiss hosted them for education in: raising calves, orchard maintenance, apple picking, hand-pressed cider and honey tasting.

The kids had a blast taking turns milking, hiking around the farm, painting river rocks, sampling veggies, gorging on apples, playing at the town park and generally enjoying a long ride on the big bus.

Willon was so tuckered out he was the first to fall asleep on the way back. I tried very hard not to do the same. What a wonderful day!