Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Proud Parents, Proud Kid

Rhetta has struggled with her sentence writing all year. She's been unable to write on topic which is always a "wh" question and often about something about which she is unfamiliar. The tests don't allow for any explanation or help whatsoever from the teacher so they've been doubly difficult for her.

They test on such things as whether it is readable, which she has mastered, and whether her sentences make sense, which they usually don't in regard to the topic and are often off-topic altogether. Her scores usually land in the Partially Proficient (2) to Proficient (3) range, hovering in between.

She's been working one-on-one with her SPED teacher all semester and has shown improvement with each test. We just glow over the samples she brings home with her.

Well today she brought home her most recent Rubric on which she scored a 4! My baby scored a 4 on her Sentence Writing Rubric which translates to Advanced! Yay! We are super proud of her and she was so, so happy. I could tell she was proud of her accomplishment.

We're going to celebrate with pizza.


*Jess* said...

I'm so proud of you Rhetta!!

Nicole said...

Yay Rhetta! How proud you must be!!

ana said...

congrats rhetta!