Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Finale

Grilled salmon salad with rice pilaf... mmmm... on my lovely new 25¢ sale thrift store dishes. The kids get separate little salads 'cause they're picky that way.





*Jess* said...

YUM! I want to come to dinner!! What beautiful dishes!

ana said...

that looks delicious... and i love the thrift store find! the texture is so pretty.

Sarsaparilla said...

I found you through Ana's "Archive Dive." Your photo of that beautiful plate drew me right in. The salmon salad looks very yummy, but it's your thrift store dishes that I really want. :-)

~*~Patty S said...

Hello from Ana's Archive Dive

Gorgeous post in every way...drooling over your lovely meal and that plate...I am such a sucker for pretty china = beautiful!

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend!