Monday, March 1, 2010


I found out today that Twizzlers makes a Hershey's chocolate twist now so naturally I had to buy a package. Willon couldn't wait until we got home and finished our lunch so we could open them up and try them. I tore a corner off the wrapper and took four of them out, handing them to him. He made many happy noises then immediately divided them up, "Here's one for you and one for ME! Here's one for you and one for ME!" Now we each had two. He settled himself at the table and I sat down at the computer. I checked a few things, did some calculations, when here he is at my side. He spied my two treats yet untouched and exclaimed quite innocently, "Oh loook! There's two! One for you and one for ME!" and off he went with half of my share.

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Baking_Pan said...

I love that Math!