Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is what my cats have been bringing up from the cistern the last few days, yes inside the house from the basement. We've had garden snakes every year we've lived here. We generally don't see them until April and only ever outside. The cats are bringing them upstairs and presenting them to me. Lola, as a matter of fact, announced this one from the bedroom floor - made me come and get it. This little guy was #2 of 3 so far. Poor thing wrapped itself around my fingers for warmth. I just keep letting them go outside along the wall I know they frequent. They warm up in the sun and go about their business. Oh, and it's a fun nature lesson for the kids. Rhetta keeps her distance but Willon has gotten to petting them. I'm considering cutting off the cats' access to save the snakes. The snakes can eat the mice under the house and the cats can catch any that make it in during the winter.


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*Jess* said...

I would just not be okay with that! And you always talk about scorpions and snakes like they are no big deal! (Miss you, by the way!)