Monday, November 19, 2012

Yard Lion Mouser Extraordinaire

Our chicken feed storage has mice - they live inside a bag of potting soil. They made a hole in the bag that goes directly into the bag next to it of corn for the hens. How convenient for them, I must say.

I do not want mice. This is why we have cats.

Once Rocky was allowed inside the little house where we store the feed he has not scarcely wanted to leave it. He has been catching so many micce he doesn't even eat them all anymore. He plays with them instead. He rolls around with them, purring with happiness. He lets them go, chases them, catches them, carts them around; in the feed shed, in the back yard, in the grass, and yesterday he got a little over zealous and ran one right into the house.

I almost feel sorry for the mousey. Only almost.


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*Jess* said...

What a great capture!! I do almost feel sorry for the mouse... but I don't want them living near my house, either! Have at 'em, cat!