Tuesday, September 20, 2011

7 Days Autumn 2011 Day 4 - "Light Bulb"

You know, "Light bulb." from Despicable Me? Because I had this ingenious idea.

Maybe you had to be there but I know some of you like a good yarn so here is my story:


I am up early sewing. I have been working on a stack of these things for days and they've been nothing but trouble. Too many layers and they are puckering and it's was royally ticking me off. It really was.

To make things worse I had already done a large portion of the stack before noticing something was wrong. The same thing was wrong with each one.

I had to figure out a few things. I had to figure out how to fix all of the ones I already did. I had to figure out how not let it happen again. And when it did happen again with the new technique I had to figure out yet another way to fix those!

Did I mention I was a genius?

I tried the tricks I already knew. I tried reading the pattern - always a good idea but not always necessary - which was absolutely no help. I tried starting over and was dismayed to discover I was still doing it wrong by not changing a single thing. I thought maybe if I held my face just right?

Well anyway...

I fiddled and fuddled and twisted and cussed until finally... "Light bulb." I had an idea.

I tested the idea.

The idea worked.

I'm a genius!

There's probably a term for this thing I came up with because there's almost always already a term for something. Even though you're a genius and you come up with this incredible idea doesn't mean someone hasn't already figured it out before you, right?

So, I put my idea to work. I fix the already screwed up pile and go on to the new ones thinking, OMG I'm sooo SMART! This is GREAT!

Shit, I did it again. I was so busy thinking how smart I was I forgot to do the thing I invented and had a whole new problem to fix. Brilliant. /sarcasm

Think, think, think, think. "Light bulb." Oh, now I really am a genius. I'm such a genius I am going to tell everybody all about it and they're going to know I'm so freakin' smart.

Shit, I did it again! Really. Really? Really!! I was so busy AGAIN thinking how amazingly clever I am I made the same mistake A-GAIN.

Perhaps I am up too early. Incredibly smart people don't get up early. They sleep late, and have brunch with artist friends who also sleep late.

So after five or eleven such ironic moments in a row the mistake became the norm and the fix I invented for the new technique became part of the process and I believe I may have revolutionized sewing in a way that only I am smart enough to understand.

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earthmama said...

i LOVE this post...it's as awesome as you are. which makes sense since you wrote it, but you know what i mean...or maybe you don't...because maybe it doesn't make sense....but it does in my head, so you're just gonna have to trust me on this. ok?