Friday, February 18, 2011

Thrift Store Finds Feb. 2011

This week is Winter Break for our public schools. We took the opportunity to take a little vacation around parts of our beautiful state (Colorado). I took the opportunity to visit as many thrift stores and even a few antique stores that I could. All of them I had never been to before.

I had to show much restraint. Many people have said I should just open my own store but how could I sell my stuff? I love my stuff! I have gobs of stuff I want to reuse for one thing or another. Someday I will get to it all.

Here's my haul. Click here to take you to Flickr (once you get there, mouse over the photo to read the notes.)



Mandy @ thetinkersmuse said...

wowza that's quite the haul! good things are ahead :)

ana @ i made it so said...

holydoodles corey, that is quite the haul! i am so envious of the typesetter's drawer, what will you do with it? i could think of about a million uses. and great deal on the rotary cutting mat.

and "yarn, 'nuff said" lol love that.

Baking_Pan said...

I love the haul! We need to go on a Tour de Thrift Store together (not too much overlap of finds that I would have to wrestle you for LOL). Rotary Cutting Mat and Bolt of Fabric super finds!!!