Monday, February 7, 2011

Happens Every Winter


Regardless of the recent (mostly done) remodel I have managed to trash my studio once again. The holidays dominate December and the birthdays dominate January. Early spring cleaning hit the entire rest of the house and I realize with a certain amount of depression that I have neglected the one space that brings me peace. Adequate storage is of course an issue, as is a teeny bit of hoarding instinct. Pack rat genes run in my family. That is my excuse and I believe it is a good one, but still, something must be done. There are plans for a wrap-around workbench along the three outside walls with shelves and drawers built in underneath *wistful sigh* however the plans are still only plans (in fact, still in my head) and I must determine another, less time-consuming and less expensive solution. My sanity lies in and amongst the piles somewhere. If you spot it, would you let me know? I kinda need a starting point.


Lewi Longmire said...


My mom had the same problem, except it lasted YEARS, until the piles of stuff in her 'utility room' were 4 feet high and there were just paths cleared to access certain drawers and stuff.

*Jess* said...

Take your sewing room, multiply it by 5 other rooms (bedroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, sunroom), and you'll get my mom's house.

Allison said...

Hobby Lobby threw up in your craft room. LOL

Okay - funnies aside - I can totally relate. If I had a spare room in the house, it would soooo look like that. Instead I just have lots of clutter in every single room!