Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of Second Grade

In conjunction with her first day waking up to an alarm, just FYI.

Enchanting, isn't she? Okay, maybe it's because I'm her mother and I think she's enchanting but, meh.


Another one for good measure. Heh.


Her new lunch bag, or Lunch Buggy if you're a fan of puns like we are. Thank you, Target, for carrying the perfect lunch bag.


Here comes the bus. She was so excited and happy to go she didn't give me my kiss!


Here it is in her own words. *beam*


*Jess* said...

She is absolutely enchanting! Jaina says, "Tell Rhetta I have a water bottle at MY desk, too!"

ana said...

i love how she described her day, like telling a fairy tale story. enchanting indeed.

(love the lady buggy bag!!)

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable!!


Christi Jones said...

Hey Corey! Some morning after you drop Willon off come up and have tea at my house. We're usually there still hibernating (except Wednesdays). Ben was excited to see you at the farmer's market, he said he wished he'd gotten you something at the coffee shop.
miss you guys,