Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Since reading Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures, well really since the very beginning of ST, I teach Rhetta everything using pictures. I use a great many photographs but I also draw quite a few. We've especially been working with series of pictures to go along with social stories I write.

Today, Rhetta tried to teach Lola (one of our cats) how to retrieve a ball. She got the idea from Martha Speaks. Martha is a dog however and all we have are cats and chickens. She chose a cat to train.

It was so cute. I was too busy relating what she was doing to her dad on the phone to take pictures or video but I'll describe it as best I can.

Outside, Rhetta followed Lola to the neighbor's yard and back into the driveway. Here the training began. She spoke very well and very clearly to Lola, "Come here, Lola. Retrieve the ball, Lola. Retrieve the ball. Come here. Retrieve Lola!" She threw the ball gently and was uncharacteristically patient yet persistent. Lola, bless her heart, stayed near Rhetta throughout the lesson and actually appeared to come when asked. It was like a gentle yet stubborn ballet.

The cuteness of my girl is a given, I know this. The interesting part was the picture she drew and used during the entire lesson with the cat. She held it in one hand facing Lola while rolling the ball with the other.

It clearly shows the cat exactly what is expected of her. I don't know why she didn't get it. *wink



*Jess* said...

great job, Rhetta!!

earthmama said...

nathan's reading blogs with me tonight and corey, we both love this story...and the picture is soooo sweet.

ana said...

rhetta's drawings get etched in my mind. i remember the one of the mirror image. brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Hello all!! I was out of town this summer with my family. I am back in Montrose and feeling much better..Rhetta, I just love how you were teaching your cat to retrieve the ball. I love the picture that you used to help your cat learn how to get the ball. Please let me know when you are in town so that we can get together for ice cream or a cold drink..LU all...Miss you too!! xxoo