Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the Wrong Feet

Willon dresses himself these days. I ask him to as long as we're not in any dire hurry. He's always putting his shoes on the opposite feet. He knows this. He likes it that way. I let him, who cares?

Apparently lots of people! Everywhere we go people notice and point it out. "Your shoes are on the wrong feet." Yes, we know. He likes it that way. "Hey, you've got your shoes on the wrong feet!" Yes, we know. He likes it that way. "Did you dress yourself today?" Yes, we know. He likes it that way.

It kinda sounds like I'm annoyed by this but I'm really not. I know it's not a judgment on me or him. We smile, and he's so very proud of himself that people notice his independence. He doesn't appear to get tired of people telling him about his shoes, or the occasional inside-out shirt or backwards pants for that matter.

He's a clever boy, though, thinks for himself.

At the farmer's market last week several people noticed his shoes. At one point a nice little grandma said, "Well lookie there. Your shoes are on the wrong feet!"

Willon replied, "No, those are MY feet!"


*Jess* said...

I'm only surprised that it doesn't bother him when he walks with them! Jayce cannot stand to have his shoes on the wrong feet!

ana said...

i did not see that punchline coming! good one willon (and so true!!)

corscorp said...

Edited my "you're"s into "your"s.
Jess, when people ask if they bother him I always say if they did he'd be complaining, for sure! LOL