Saturday, February 28, 2009


I don't get many in the way of keepsakes so I take pictures of the ones I can catch before she erases them. She is much more cooperative lately in waiting until I get the camera ready. She'll even attempt to explain some of what she's drawing. This whiteboard was a gift from our friend Margaret already years ago and it is by far the most loved, most used thing we own.

This she drew weeks after their joint birthday party. She must have enjoyed it!


This appears to be a maze.


This she drew after a recent walk around the lake near our house. We learned all about bodies of water, bridges and islands that day.


After a week back to school following winter break she's been acting out lessons. This she drew of her Teacher and a student (not her) in front of the classroom whiteboard.


And finally, this is a picture of our house and where it is on our continent and planet. LOL! Too cute.



Becca said...

Yay Rhetta! I love seeing her drawings - she has such an awesome perspective.

MaWhit said...