Sunday, October 5, 2008


Books we have! Billions of books. They LOVE books, thank goodness.

Rhetta reads all kinds of books. She enjoys all the Caldecot Award ones from the library and the classics that survived my childhood literally and figuratively. She's even starting to read some science-type stuff.

Willon asks us to read to him all the time. I think it's fantastic and I am so proud my kids love books. The ones he wants however are always Cars (Li' Tween, Yah-yee, Doc and May-moo), Thomas (Boo train), Elmo (Mahmo) and, hmm, nope, that's all. Just those three. He has them memorized - like 10 books.

One book remains a favorite with both my kids, though. I Like it When... by Mary Murphy. I have had to repair that book so many times it is indestructable now. They love it and it's our No. 1 bedtime book. Rob and I happen to love it, too.

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