Friday, January 4, 2008


I make one every year since about 5 years ago. I like having a target date so New Year's is convenient. Mine are not always about improving myself. And I only decide on one. Making too many overwhelms me and I can't focus well.

In the past I have quit smoking, steadied our finances, stopped drinking coffee altogether, made one big craft project each year for someone else, and this year...

... no more soda in the house or from drive-ups, convenience stores, restaurants, or as offered by someone else. I am allowing myself one 20oz. soda per payday (every two weeks) starting yesterday.

Why? Soda is bad for my body. The sodium makes me retain water in places I don't want it, the citric acid gives me heartburn - I can get it from other sources, the sugar is nothing but, well, sugar. Diet soda? Ew! Can't stomach it and I wouldn't want to anyway. Soda is not hydrating and not healthy.

What's worse about soda? This is a diabolical marketing ploy. It doesn't quench your thirst. Combine that with the sugar and it makes you crave more.

So, no more for me. Yesterday was payday and I didn't even want one. Must be the heartburn I already had from the pizza.

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