Sunday, January 20, 2008

100 Random Things About Me

1. I have a scar on my temple from the forceps
2. I was 4 when I shoplifted for the first time.
3. I learned about sex from a 10mm reel to reel porno flick.
4. I stood up into a hotwire fence and was instantly knocked down to the ground.
5. I hated college with every fiber of my being.
6. My parents divorced when I was 18.
7. I got pulled over in Dalhart, TX and threatened with having a drug dog come and sniff the car but managed to talk my way out of it intelligently knowing full well the dog would have found at least three stashes of marijuana.
8. I will never forgive my MIL for what's she's done and she's too blind to realize what that was.
9. I am slowly working on having no regrets.
10. I have hiked across the Grand Canyon from South to North in two days.
11. I have hitchhiked around the Grand Canyon from the North Rim east and around west to the South Rim with my sister and my dad getting a number of rides including on top of some mail sacks in the back of a mail carrier's van.
12. I rode the roller coaster on Boblo Island.
13. I quit drinking hard liquor when I turned 21, more or less.
14. I used to swim in the Rio Grande with my dog, Frosty.
15. I was and forever will be a tomboy.
16. I starred in the operatta The Runaway Snowman in the 6th grade. I was the snowman.
17. I starred in a community production of the musical Guys and Dolls when I was in the 11th grade. I was Sarah.
18. I did methamphetamines for a year before I turned 30.
19. That year I survived on Mountain Dew, Snickers, Chef Boyardi Beef Raviolis and Budweiser beer.
20. I was with the guy who got me started on meth for three and a half years.
21. I am still close friends with his mother.
22. I lived in Roswell, NM for two weeks.
23. I've shot at but never killed a deer.
24. My first sewing project was doll clothes for a 2 and a half inch tall doll when I was 5.
25. I sometimes buy things from Wal-Mart, use them once, then return them.
26. I have never been to New England.
27. I learned my fractions on the back of a paper grocery bag by the light of a lantern on the roof of our house while my dad was finishing up some reroofing.
28. I cannot balance on a skateboard.
29. I can't wait for the ground to thaw every year.
30. The only thing I miss about smoking is going outside for the winter sunrises.
31. I had never heard the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes before Rhetta's first Baby Einstein video.
32. I completed my BA in Music Education all the way up to student teaching before quitting college. I think it was 72 credits in all, maybe half the degree.
33. I sang lead in a classic rock-n-roll band called Lost City for two years when I was 18 and 19.
34. I used to make an effort to smoke pot in random graveyards I encountered on road trips.
35. My best friend and I used to have cowpie fights after school.
36. I have been shot at with rock salt for being in someone's cornfield.
37. I started drinking coffee when I was 13?
38. I was a Girl Scout up to Cadet.
39. I grieve not being able to find my old lunch boxes from grade school.
40. The first movie I ever saw in a theater was the 70's rerelease of Fantasia.
41. I used to sneak beer into the mall with my friends.
42. I still have unused tickets to the Icecapades from 1987.
43. I bloodied the nose of a 6th grade boy when I was in the 2nd grade defending a boy in my class.
44. I admire much of my sister's parenting.
45. No one in my life has ever loved me as much as my children do.
46. I was kicked out of kindergarten after two weeks because I was born 8 days late of the deadline making me about a year older than the rest of the kids in my class throughout school.
47. I often doubt my own parenting.
48. I often criticize others' parenting.
49. I am shocked and amazed at how much taxes we are getting back this year.
50. I still hate one of my sister's best friends for always pulling my hair for no reason when she was visiting our house, especially when she pulled it during the visit to my mom's when I was 28.
51. I wore a lot of makeup on my face in the 80's.
52. I stopped wearing a bra in high school and didn't start wearing one again until about 8 years later.
53. I had upstairs neighbors in a rental house who would pass the bong through the laundry shoot during parties.
54. I was arrested for DUI in a county I was unfamiliar with in Kansas.
55. I accidentally sliced the tip of my left thumb off with a hatchet making kindling.
56. I have been to The Haight in San Francisco, CA several times.
57. I used to sneak out of our bedroom window to meet my friends down the road after I was already in after curfew.
58. I had seen the movie The Wizard of Oz on TV at least 14 times before I ever knew it was filmed in color.
59. I still wonder where I'd be now if I had remained single. Dead no doubt.
60. I am glad Rhetta has so many delays sometimes because she's not growing up as fast as other kids so I get to enjoy the early years that much longer.
61. I am very proud of my little family.
62. I learned how to butcher animals for food by coming home from school to my goat's head in a bucket and my dad removing the hide.
63. Most of my neighborhood around UNM in Albuquerque thought I was a lesbian because I was butch from being on the farm and didn't immediately sleep with all the guys at all the parties.
64. I learned about composting from a housemate in that same neighborhood. Everyone thought he was gay because he didn't date and wasn't sleeping with me.
65. I hate stereotypes.
66. I was cruel to my mother before I made an effort to understand her.
67. I have played all the musical instruments at least once except the oboe and bassoon.
68. I had such bad menstrual cramps as a teen I thought childbirth would be easy.
69. I was wrong!
70. I can still feel my first kiss on my lips.
71. I am so lucky to have the few close friends I do have.
72. I have lost count every time I try to count my blessings.
73. I have seen the Space Shuttle land in Alamagordo, NM when no civilians were supposed to be within sight of it.
74. I have held live rattlesnakes in my hands.
75. I was chased through a field by a very angry badger once.
76. I never had a bite of pork (other than bacon) until I was a teenager.
77. I was told once that I can't save the world but I never believed it.
78. I have secrets I'll never tell.
79. I wish I could travel the world.
80. I can't pick a favorite smilie.
81. My fingers smell like earwax at the moment.
82. I hate that school has been so good for Rhetta this year but only because I have so much dislike for schools in general.
83. A friend of mine in Albuquerque taught Montessori 3-4 year olds.
84. I make a slight effort to nurse Willon in places Iknow I have nursed Rhetta.
85. I have never feared change.
86. I grew up with a pervert living next door.
87. I used to have to dodge illegal immigrants that were hopping off the train at my bus stop before it went into town.
88. I know how to fire up and operate a steam tractor.
89. I have been to Chagrin Falls, OH, birthplace of Tim Conway.
90. I spent the night in the dorms at NYU Medical Center.
91. I stil have never taken the "A" train.
92. Although I would love to smoke marijuana regularly again I know I personally can't stay safe for my kids' sake so I don't.
93. My favorite vegetable is corn.
94. I would catch a bullet for any of my three best friends.
95. I still talk to Ampy's widower at least once a week.
96. If my parents had known about their own and thusly each other's diagnoses they might have been able to tolerate each other through recovery enough to stay together in marriage instead of burning those bridges.
97. I wonder where that one came from?
98. I was married to Rob on the brink of the world's largest precipice.
99. I have tent camped in two feet of snow in Yosemite.
100. Yoga is helping me let go of a lot of stored anger.

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