Monday, January 16, 2012

Hand Drums

Rhetta has been taking music lessons thanks to a generous scholarship from the Cocker Kids' Foundation and matching funds from her grandparents. She meets with our good friend, music teacher David Hauze, for a laid back approach to music education and appreciation. She gets to learn theory while experimenting with different instruments including but not limited to the electric bass guitar, harp, keyboard, violin, cello, and most recently the hand drums.

Here is Rhetta's first foray into hand drum rhythm and tempo.


Tamara said...

Oh, my, my! What a perfect hooooot! We enjoyed watching this so much because we enjoyed Rhetta enjoying herSELF so much!! Let's watch it again!

Anonymous said...

grampa says, "Good job". and thank you so much for the video. Grampa enjoyed it very much. Grampa enjoys watching the kids progress.

*Jess* said...

awesome Rhetta!