Friday, June 17, 2011

Musings From The Children

Willon asked me: "Where is my lunch box with my recorder in it so I can shoot music at monsters and make them dance?"

Rhetta said of her cousin Mark: "My cousin Mark and I are going to the ice cream shop and Mark had three scoops of ice cream. I like even and odd numbers. Mark likes only odd numbers. I had a double dip coconut milk coconut milk [sic] and Mark ordered extra nuts. There were exactly twelve. At the Pizza Hut, Mark ordered exactly three pieces of pizza. One with pepperoni on its sauce, one with cheese on its sauce, and one with onions. I had five pieces of pizza. Two with gummy worms, two with pepperoni on its sauce, and one with olives. And at the bakery, I got the cake that the baker made. It was Mark's birthday and there were candles on his cake. Mark had 20 candles, so he was 20 years old."


Mark Star* said...

That is awesome. It makes me happy to be in your thoughts. Thanks for sharing with me!


the other MN said...

Grandma loves the story about cousin Mark! Great story telling!