Friday, July 31, 2009

Her first "How" question!

The other day I got back from the farmer's market where I have a booth (see the gratuitous picture below) and the kids seemed to have missed me a lot. Willon rushed me and Rhetta hovered nearby while I came in the house and got something to eat. While I stood at the kitchen counter Willon was hugging my legs and Rhetta, floating closer, asked me, "Corey! How was your farmer's market?" I cried a few tears of joy inside but I hugged her outright and told her I was glad she asked. Then I told her how it went and she seemed satisfied with that. She picks a lot of her language up from Willon, he having surpassed her early on, and this was very much something like his, "Hey Rob! How was your work day, Rob?" That she used her first "how" question on me just made my heart swell.


Shannon said...

♥ Rhetta! Yay!

Your booth looks great!

*Jess* said...

My heart swelled, too!

What a great booth, Corey!

MaWhit said...

Big hearts about both.

sarah said...

this is GREAT! wait till you get, "how was willon born?"