Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve Ponder

So I'm sitting here thinking about my blog and how I haven't written very regularly, wondering why. Well, I know why. It didn't take long to look at myself and realize what hinders me. It is my ego. With all the compliments about my writing ability in the beginnings of this blog I now feel like I have to perform well every time I make an entry. I'm not often inspired but I'm also not often that creative even when I am inspired. I'd like to figure a way past that. That's what this post will be all about, I guess. To blog for a reason other than showing off my talents at writing. Pfft. See, right off that makes me roll my eyes because in reality I don't think I write that well. Maybe just posting an entry without worrying about how it will come out in the end will help.

Okay, that's the end.


*Jess* said...

Everyone writes, journals, or blogs for different reasons :) I think its perfectly acceptable to blog for the sole purpose of displaying your writing abilities :)

earthmama said...

i love those kind of posts, mama!